The COMESA Heads of State & Government Summit is the forum that brings together the Heads of State or Government of the Member States and is officially referred to as The Authority. The Authority is the supreme Policy Organ of the Common Market. It is responsible for the general policy and direction and control of the performance of the executive functions of the Common Market and the achievement of its aims and objectives and has such other powers as are vested in it under the COMESA Treaty.

The Theme

The theme of the 22nd Summit is “Economic Integration for a Thriving COMESA Anchored on Green investment, Value Addition and Tourism” It was motivated by the need to address the current regional and global economic and trade dynamics including the effects of COVID-19 which, especially affected tourism- dependent economies. Besides, the current geo-politics that continue to affect global supply chains, such as the conflict in Eastern Europe, high debt burdens and extreme weather conditions among others continue to weigh heavily on regional economies. Hence, the theme was designed to rally COMESA Member States on key areas of focus in dealing with these challenges to ensure the COMESA regional integration agenda remains on track. The COMESA Theme is jointly developed by the host government in collaboration with the COMESA Secretariat. It therefore reflects the focus of the incoming chair of the Summit during his/her tenure

COMESA and the Government of Zambia, in collaboration with the COMESA Business Council, are convening the 16th COMESA Business Forum on 7th June 2023 at Mulungushi International Conference Centre, Lusaka, Zambia. The Forum will precede the 22nd Summit of COMESA Heads of State and Government which takes place at the same venue on 8th June 2023.

The Business forum, a high-level dialogue hosted under the theme, “Economic Integration for A Thriving COMESA Anchored on Green Investment, Value Addition and Tourism”, will focus on engaging public and private stakeholders on solutions that will propel and transform COMESA into competitive and sustainable growing economies for regional and global trade and investment expansion post COVID-19.

The high-level dialogue will be led by Presidential Round Table, where the Heads of State and Government discuss with private sector stakeholders on the measures to accelerate recovery of COMESA Member States from COVID 19, focusing on green investment, value addition and tourism.

The recommendations of the Business Forum will form part of the COMESA Business Declaration to be presented to the 22nd Summit of COMESA Heads of State and Government.

This meeting will take place on 6 June 2023, two days ahead of the Summit.  The main agenda will be matters on regional peace and security. The election of members to the COMESA Committee of Elders who serve as peace ambassadors will be conducted during the meeting. The Report of the meeting will be presented to the Summit for endorsement by the Heads of State and Government.



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